Dienstleistung Vakuumlöten

Vacuum Brazing / Efficient & reproducible

Vacuum brazing is a thermal joining method that enables the fabrication of high-quality joints between similar and dissimilar materials such as copper/steel, nickel/steel, ceramic/copper, and ceramic/steel. Even full-surface and large-surface brazed joints and complex component geometries can be joined.

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  • Low thermal stress on the base materials
  • Virtually no annealing colors (scaling) or distortion of the brazed components
  • Exceptionally high strength and corrosion-resistance all the way to properties resembling the base materials 
  • No expenditure on rework
  • Brazing points that are difficult or impossible to access externally and large-scale parts can be joined easily

Application areas

Vacuum brazing opens up new design options and freedoms in many fields of application, especially with regard to flexibility in joint design. The solder can be applied in advance so that even areas that are no longer accessible after assembly can be joined. The exceptionally pure atmospheres result in visually appealing joints—with the result that rework is no longer necessary.

The use of modern high-performance materials results in improved component characteristics, which noticeably strengthens the competitive position of our customers. Even a combination of the joining process and heat treatment (internal link to vacuum heat treatment) is possible.


Our services

As a long-standing service provider in the area of vacuum brazing, we can offer comprehensive brazing advice based on the latest developments in brazing and material technology. From one-time parts to small- and medium-scale production and all the way to mass production. 

A total of nine vacuum furnaces of differing useful volumes are available for vacuum brazing at the Wettenberg and Jena locations. 

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