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  • Where are the interfaces between PVA and my production line?

    You define the interface between your production line and the service offering in our plants. For instance, you can deliver the components for brazing to us fully machined, we clean them, perform the vacuum brazing process, and conduct any checks that may be necessary (e.g. impermeability). Naturally, we can assist with queries about material selection and creating component designs that are suitable for brazing.

    The decision is yours—just talk to us. We will work with you to develop the optimum manufacturing strategy for your products.

Vacuum Brazing

  • Is it also possible to perform vacuum brazing for large quantities?

    Vacuum brazing is equally as suitable for joining single parts as it is for series production. Depending on the size of the component or the furnace, up to several hundred components can be processes simultaneously in a single furnace cycle. Fully-automated process management allows the systems to operate without supervision and ensures reproducible component quality.

  • Can I also have entire assemblies manufactured and brazed at PVA LWT?

    We are also happy to manufacture entire assemblies for you based on your drawings. We can also assume responsibility for scheduling, material procurement, storage, mechanical fabrication (turning, milling, grinding, eroding, etc.), and quality assurance.

  • What requirements must components for brazing fulfill?

    A design that is adapted to suit the brazing technology used is a key criterion for successful vacuum brazing. This includes the dimensioning and position of the brazing gap as well as the choice of solder and the associated process parameters. Offering advice on designs that are compatible with brazing technology is part of our core expertise—just talk to us.

Diffusion Bonding

Vacuum Heat Treatment

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