Engineering Service zur Unterstützung bei der Konzeption & Entwicklung von vakuumgestützten Wärmebehandlungsprozessen

Engineering / for customized success

Every manufacturing process has its own idiosyncrasies. Vacuum heat treatment processes are no exception. Our expertise in the behavior of materials in these special methods, which has been developed over many years, is available to you at all times when it comes to implementing your ideas.

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  • Extensive experience in handling, process design, and inspection of components
  • Targeted use of material properties thanks to custom application processes
  • Development of reliable technologies to ensure safety and progress
  • Innovative strength through partnerships with scientific institutions

Application areas

Our Engineering Service will support you in all aspects of designing and developing vacuum heat treatment processes for your products and ideas.

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PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH can now look back on a broad range of successfully joined material pairings. In cooperation with research facilities, we continue to develop our expertise in this innovative field of joining technology.

At our Wettenberg location, we operate one of the largest diffusion bonding systems available for services in Europe.

It features a uniaxial hydraulic pressing unit equipped with press plates made of high-strength graphite material. A multi-die system ensures that the pressing force is uniformly distributed over the press plate. The useful volume available is 900x1000x450 mm³ (WxLxH).

Discover what improvements are available to you. We are happy to advise you and can explore suitable application possibilities in our in-house Innovation Lab.

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