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Developments in the area of injection molding all the way to shorter cycle times and improved surface qualities are presenting conventional mold making with technical design challenges. The increasing requirements regarding impermeability (under pressure), mechanical strength and thermal resilience—often in combination with corrosive resilience—can be met only with a joined, multi-layered structure.

Vacuum brazing and diffusion bonding represent the joining methods of choice for these types of highly stressed and extensive assemblies. Both processes expand the possible design spectrum considerably with regard to the production of different types of manufacturing equipment. They can be used to create functional material pairings or even delicate geometries. The vacuum joining methods can even reliably master the trend for large-scale assemblies with internal structures, challenging materials, and material combinations.

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Our extensive experience in the area of heat treatment of sensitive individual components and our flexible configurable systems enable you to manufacture custom components. Even at the early product development stage, we can offer advice on how to design components that are suitable for joining and select the right process for you. Since no mixed batches are carried out, the key process data for each furnace batch can be recorded, checked, and tracked.

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Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production


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