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Industrial measuring technology is incorporated into virtually every application, including the areas of temperature, pressure, and flow measurement as well as in optical measurement. Consequently, all industrial sectors have an enormous demand for what are often highly specialized sensors and measurement systems with exceptionally robust, accurate, and convenient characteristics.

In this context, new developments and technologies determine the continued existence or growth of manufacturers. Added to this is the fact that joints and materials often have a functional character, such as with electric lines, thermal transitions, and optical components. These sensitive components require a high degree of precision, process stability, and reproducibility. The development and implementation of innovative solutions for what are often challenging materials and material combinations therefore represents the day-to-day business in the measurement technology sector.

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For many years, PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik has been a creative and trustworthy partner for challenging applications in the area of measurement technology. With a unique combination of metallurgic expertise, process and system know-how backed up by hands-on experience, we identify your realization opportunities. Our broad system spectrum enables maximum flexibility. Assembly and the application of filler metal is performed in an ultra-pure environment (similar to that of a cleanroom).

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Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production


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Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production


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