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The heating industry represents a key sector in the current context of climate change and climate protection. This involves meeting the highest standards—not least with regard to efficiency. Fossil fuels are increasingly being replaced by energy-efficient heat generators with a better carbon footprint. The continuous increase in efficiency levels and resource efficiency pose a fundamental challenge to companies. In many cases, complex combinations of customer-specific solutions but with a high degree of standardization are required.

High-stress applications in the media-carrying area impose very strict requirements in terms of impermeability (under pressure). In addition, the joints are often exposed to strong corrosive factors, especially at high application temperatures. Vacuum brazing and heat treatment are the methods of choice when it comes to guaranteeing these highly exacting product characteristics, which are frequently subject to very complex geometric boundary conditions.

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PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH has racked up many years of experience in the heating and air conditioning industry and enables its customers to rapidly apply the process specifications to existing and new products. We will highlight possible solutions for you and will see these through to series production. The broad range of furnace types and sizes enables us to select the optimum and therefore economical loading for assemblies of various batch sizes and geometries.

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Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production


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