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The intense international competition in the automotive sector has always been strongly innovation-driven. It requires a continuous process of re-evaluating and improving its own products and supply chains. In addition to the innovation aspect, all OEMs and suppliers are subject to particular requirements in the area of quality assurance, reproducibility, and traceability.

The endless possibilities of vacuum brazing, vacuum heat treatment, and diffusion bonding as batch processes have yet to gain widespread acceptance compared to continuous processes, but offer enormous potential, above all with regard to geometric freedom of joint accessibility, the high strength and corrosion-resistance of the manufactured parts, and the ability to manufacture hybrid joints. What’s more, rework expenditure is virtually eliminated, not least to the benefit of high levels of manufacturing efficiency.

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With many years of experience and high-quality system and process technology, PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH is your guarantee for innovative, individual, and efficient production processes—even for challenging designs, materials, and material combinations. Our broad spectrum of systems and high manufacturing capacity enable maximum flexibility—from process adaptations all the way to series production. With the help of automated system technology, we make it possible to reproduce, trace, and document every process. Our systems are intensively checked, qualified, and calibrated on a regular basis.

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  • Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production

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  • Service for single projects, small-scale to large-scale production

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