Vacuum Heat Treatment Systems / COV

The spectrum of our COV systems in terms of design, useful volume, vacuum, and working temperature is extremely large and thus offers a very broad application spectrum—from sintering (including debinding), brazing, and degassing all the way to heat treatment, cleaning, and CVD coating. In contrast to MOV furnaces, COV systems are much more robust and get by without a hydrocarbon-free final vacuum. As such, they are also very suitable for quenching and tempering or brazing processes on non-reactive materials such as copper and stainless steel.

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Available System Technology

COV 823 Dif

  • Receptacle volume: 800x800x1800 mm3 (WxHxL)
  • Max. application temperature: 1350 °C
  • Vacuum: max. 1*10-5 mbar 

COV 633 Dif

  • Receptacle volume: 350 x 600 x 600 mm3 (WxHxL)
  • Max. application temperature: 1100 °C
  • Vacuum: max. 1*10-5 mbar

COV 923 Dif

  • Receptacle volume: 800x1000x1900 mm3 (WxHxL)
  • Max. application temperature: 1350 °C
  • Vacuum: max. 5*10-6 mbar

COV 843 Dif

  • Receptacle volume: 800x1000x1800 mm3 (WxHxL)
  • Max. application temperature: 1350 °C
  • Vacuum: max. 1*10-5 mbar

Peripheral Equipment

In addition to powerful system technology, a prerequisite for the production of high-quality brazed assemblies is a fully equipped infrastructure of peripheral equipment. In particular, this includes cleaning systems for cleaning the components and clean installation conditions in cleanrooms. Other important equipment features include analysis devices such as microscopes and test equipment for carrying out quality inspections on the brazed assemblies.

PVA LWT has the following individual items of equipment

  • 4x semi-automatic paste metering devices for applying flux paste
  • 2 helium leak detectors for performing a gas permeability test on brazed seams
  • 2x 3-stage ultrasonic cleaning baths for cleaning components
  • 1x air recirculating cabinet (+300 °C)

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